Creating a cozy home, hygge style

Outside is becoming significantly colder as fall starts to come to an end and winter nears. The short chilly days mean more time enjoyed inside keeping warm so it is important that we build a cozy environment to help combat those seasonal blues. While summer is admittedly my favorite season (nothing can beat the feeling of the warm sun hitting your skin), I'm trying to have a new outlook on winter this year. I never want to rush time or a season away just because I prefer one over the other (though if someone gets me this, I would be more than happy to sleep through winter...just kidding...?). Striving to take advantage of the meaning of each season means we live more full and happy lives. We can create new memories that lead to traditions to go back to year after year.

In our (new slash still semi-unfurnished) flat, we're looking for ways to make our lives feel a little more cozy—or as the Danes like to say, hygge. (Say what!?...say it with me—hue-gah) I first stumbled upon hygge when reading The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell. The best definition I found for this wonderful yet crazy concept though was in an article for the Telegraph which explains it as “the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.” Perfect, right!? Right. The Danes use the word to refer to all aspects of their lives and don't necessarily mean you should buy a ton of stuff to create it. Hygge is more about creating warm moments—family, flattering light, and surrounding yourself with lots of natural elements. That doesn't mean we can't make our own rules now does it? Not. At. All. So we're keying in on the finding home goods to bring our own definition of hygge straight into our flat all winter long. Below we've curated a bundle of items that we think will cozy up a space in an instant and help bring some hygge to your life.

All items from this post can be found simply by clicking on the picture or through the following links: metalwork hurricane lantern from Anthropologie // striped navy wool blanket by Texturable Decor // indigo batik pillow by Imprints & Indigo // sheepskin rug from Amazon // chunky knit blanket by Colorways Gallery // southwest pillow by Little Korboose // crocheted pendant light by et aussi

What are your must have items when making a cozy space? Let us know!

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