Makers for Makers: Three Leaves Co.

Three Leaves Co was started by Annmarie, a fellow free spirt who wholeheartedly believes in living a life of adventure. A girl after my own heart. Her company is inspiring, authentic, and the true meaning of down-to-earth. Throughout the past year, I kept stumbling upon Three Leaves Co over and over and was always in awe at the movement that was being created through the simple but powerful graphic tees and other items such as awesome adventure blankets. Everything created through this lifestyle brand speaks to us explorers.

Not only does Annmarie create beautiful goods through Three Leaves Co but follow on her instagram and you will see she is a true source of inspiration, passion, and community. Through The Morning Project, Annmarie works hard to let everyone know that they aren't alone, that some times its hard to wake up in the morning, and that we can tackle whatever comes our way. Its beautiful to see the energy she puts into making sure positivity spreads out into the world. I am so happy to be sharing more of her story here with you all to help spread the word about her and the amazing company she has built to do such good for our souls day after day. 

Tell us about Three Leaves Co.

Three Leaves Co. is an adventure inspired lifestyle brand for those who believe in the outdoors and dancing on mountains and exploration and living outside of the box! I design and hand print each shirt (no machines to be found, here!) and always seek to provide a quality and unique product.

What made you realize you needed to bring this dream to reality?

Three Leaves Co. was born out of a season in my life where I had moved back to the city I was raised in on the East coast after living in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I was homesick for the mountains and for the culture that was so different than where I had found myself. Three Leaves Co. became an outlet for me to bring that culture and mindset back to the forefront of my life and gave me the ability to share those feelings and experiences with the people around me.

What are the core beliefs, values, and overall mission that drives your company?

For me, Three Leaves Co. is all about connection. It's about forming a community of individuals that love the outdoors and adventure, and believe that life doesn't need to be lived behind a desk or in a comfort zone. I want the people in this community to know that, despite the fact that we may never meet, I genuinely care about them and their well being and wish all of the best things for them. In addition to forming connections and spreading as much love as possible, a portion of our proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project; a foundation extremely close to both my and my husband's heart.

What was your biggest obstacle when starting out?

Comparison. Comparison, comparison, comparison. The ugly monster that holds creativity back and keeps us from truly seeking out our true potential. I constantly was comparing myself to other designers, photographers, writers, etc. I still struggle with it sometimes, but I have finally arrived in a place where I can push past that to create and search for ways to grow and be better.

Did/Do you have any mentors? Or Makers you admired that have inspired you?

I have made so many amazing friends that have become such an inspiration to me. Three ladies that I carry very close to my heart, Nicole (@nicoleloher), Claire (@clairepayne0102), and Chelsea (@chelseadorsey), are constantly encouraging me and pushing me to be better.  They help me to make Three Leaves Co. what I want it to be, and when I stumble, they don't let me stay down for too long. Aubrey (@aubreyyrenee) has become a soul sister of mine. I admire her ability to write out her heart and share her intentionality about living a wholehearted life. Michelle (@girrlscout) has been a long distance friend for many years, and has been an incredible encouragement to me since Three Leaves Co. began. She and I bounce ideas off of each other and she helps me stay grounded, sassy, and confident.

What does your typical day as a Maker look like?

In addition to running Three Leaves Co., I also have a full time job in the ER working three to four 12 hour shifts per week.

On the days that I am not at my day job, I am constantly designing, writing, printing, photographing, and doing everything I can to better and grow Three Leaves Co. I do my best to have at least one day per week where I am in the presence of those that are inspiring to me and add value to my life. My days also involve coffee and tea. A lot of coffee and tea.

What do you love most about being a Maker?

I love the connections I've gotten to make with other people; in person, through my Morning Project campaign, and through Instagram. I love the freedom that comes with creating a unique product, and then knowing that product is being well loved by people from all over the world. I love creating something that makes other people feel cozy, loved, and inspired.

What advice do you have for Makers just starting out?

Don't stop. Whatever you do, keep pushing.  Keep going. They say that it can take up to two years for you to create something that you're really proud of, to become an expert in your craft. Don't listen. Keep creating, keep pushing. Do everything with love and remember, kindness above all else.

Three Leaves Co

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**All images and video courtesy of Three Leaves Co**