Summer 2015 Playlist


This is the first summer we have ever been outside of New England for the season and it has us feeling very strange. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy where we are but we are longing for New Hampshire’s White Mountains, to grab a lobster roll in Maine, to jump into the cold waters of the rocky coastline. We miss it. New England summers can’t be beat in our minds. It is what we grew up with and what truly brings our souls alive.

This week London has been in a bit of heat wave, but to us this feels normal. It’s bringing us right back to our roots—the hot summer days spent on the sandy beach hoping for a cool breeze to come in from the ocean or running from the beach onto the dock to take a leap into the lake.

We are eager to experience a true British summer though. We’ve heard good things and we want to fall in love with this place even more than we have as we stay put for the six weeks. So with that said, I’ve created a playlist that connects us to our New England summer but mixes in our feelings of our new life, new place, and new summer memories here. You can hop over to Spotify to have a listen.  We hope it makes you feel free and ready to take over summer whenever you might be enjoying it!