Sea of Atlas Journey: Mood Board


If you have been following along with our journey on instagram then you know we have been busily working on the branding for our new name, Sea of Atlas. With the full intention of being more transparent and letting everyone in on the behind the scenes of the process, we have been posting a lot of our sketches on social media. It has been so fun letting everyone in on our day to day life as a creative studio. I love seeing everyone getting excited about our change, people jumping in to support specific logos, giving us soul-filled loving advice, and just simply getting to hear what fresh eyes have to say. Some times, as an artist and a designer, I can get too close to my own personal work (like branding for my own company—ha) and having a new perspective has allowed me to really step back to reflect on it all. While I still hold true to my designer gut, you folks have seen things in certain sketches that I haven't that have actually caused things to change and happen as the logo evolved. That is seriously so cool to me! It's like having a piece of you all tucked into the brand.

So today, I would like to jump back a little and show you what happened behind the scenes before the sketching phase. While we were getting prepared to announce our big change, I wrote up a whole business plan and started gathering images that spoke to what the new brand would stand for. There was a lot of good solid planning of what Sea of Atlas was going to be and look like. So today, I figured I would share the mood board that I built during that step. My vision for our new brand is for it to teeter on the line of handmade and sophisticated. Handmade is who we are. Its in our roots and veins. But with this brand, I'm ready to add some more class into it. We will focus on cleaner lines but keep them organic. Our photographs will be dramatic and crisp but focused on our natural and free lifestyle. I feel like this brand is me stepping up to really embrace the strong woman that I am. Light Rust was a young girl—I was so unsure of my path when I started. Now, after having a couple years of experience in the small business world, I feel empowered and ready for bigger and better things. I wanted it to not just be a company but a lifestyle. Sea of Atlas is about embodying our surroundings and our natural talents to create fresh living and designs.

Everything is just feeling good and right. I am focused on making sure our new brand stands the test of time. I want it to happen organically and not rush it. I have been going internally slow and trying to be aware of every step. And while I do love the transparency, there will be times where I pull away from showing everything because some of it HAS to be a surprise, right? I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with you all by my side!

Thank you for all the love and support you have freely given so far. It means so much to us!