New year, new look: Journal Reveal


Throughout the years we have twisted, turned, and evolved. Where we started was completely different from where we are now in so many ways. I am always looking to improve and strive to always give the best that I can. Our biggest change in 2015 was renaming from Light Rust Studio to Sea of Atlas. The move was all about challenging myself to look back on what I had created and figure out if it still made sense moving forwardโ€”mainly asking myself if what I was putting out there still represented my brand the way I wanted it to and if it still reflected back on who I was as a person. Through the rename then rebrand, I rediscovered myself as an artist and finally felt free to create from my soul again.

With all that naturally came more and more change. The rebrand called for a complete restructure and I'm here today to proudly reveal the new journal design I have being working away at for a few months. While I love blogging, I always struggled with how that space should look and work. This new layout simplifies our online space, breathes new air into our stories, and let's you further into my life behind the scenes. I couldn't feel more at peace with how it has all turned out.

To have a space that matches what Sea of Atlas represents and who I am as person excites me beyond belief. The journal has always been my creative free space and now it is an even stronger platform to share our travels, the behind the scenes at the studio, and our every day down-to-earth lifestyle. 

Thank you all for sticking by our side during this change over! We are forever grateful to have you here :)

So...what do you think!? We would love to hear your thoughts on the redesign!