The Handmade List: 2016 Holiday Edition

The Handmade List: 2016 Holiday Edition | Sea of Atlas

The holidays are upon us! We tend to get into the Christmas spirit here in London earlier than we would in the States. There's no Thanksgiving holding us back and it makes being away from our families this time of year a little more bearable. Right now, we are trying to keep a minimalist lifestyle. The less things we can own, the better. That means we don't do too much decorating for Christmas but I do love browsing around and dreaming of the day when it will make sense for us to do so. When I'm doing my looking around, I'm drawn towards keeping things simple and traditional. You'll see a lot of these picks are just that but with a little bit of a twist. My ideal look would be a combination of traditional and minimal. This year we did finally purchase our own stockings (we have a mantle in our new flat—how could we not!?) so I've happily shared those with you. They arrived the other day and I love them! We'll also be picking up a small tree and keeping the rest of our decor to plants, candles, and lights. Hygge style!

Below I've put together a future dream list but also wanted to highlight the importance of shopping handmade and with small businesses this time of year. You can find almost everything on Etsy (as well as other places around the web or on your local shopping street) and I encourage you to do so! It means a lot to support these businesses all year but especially during the holiday season.

Wooden Tree Shapes

Danish Style Candle Holder
Flower Studio Shop

Wild Hedgerow Festive Wreath
Flower Studio Shop

Paper Mistletoe
A Petal Unfolds

Scandinavian Christmas Ornament
Song of the Seam

Wooden Bead Garland
Hop Studio

Organic Knit Christmas Stocking
Chunki Chilli

Personal Baubles
Darwin & Gray

White Wooden Houses
GFT Woodcraft

To browse more of my handmade selections head here or join me on pinterest and etsy.