6 Beautiful & Inspiring Instagram Accounts

Six Beautiful And Inspiring Instagram Accounts | Sea of Atlas

Instagram has been a beautiful and inspiring community ever since the start of beginning my wild creative entrepreneurship dream. Before beginning my own company, it was a platform to interact with my friends from the different stages of my life and not much more. I didn't know the power it had for networking and small businesses. Now it's where I can form my own community, share my behind the scenes of the studio, take you all on and adventure with us, and more! It's a tool that I never imagined could take me to so many new places and meet some incredibly talented folks.

When we moved to London, one of the biggest struggles was reestablishing a friends group. I didn't have school or an office to meet people at but with the help of Instagram, I was able to constantly be out and about meeting new fellow creatives, Londoners, and expats. The social platform now holds such a special place in my heart and I want to help bring forth some crazy good souls I've discovered on there—here's a few!

1. @emilievancamp | Emilie Van Camp

Inspired by all things simple and light, Emilie takes you around London and Europe through her own eyes. Her use of space and simplicity draws you into the every day moments of her life. Emilie was one of the people I've met through Instagram after my move to London. She was welcoming, energetic, and a quick friend!

2. @GPOWERSFILM | Gretchen Powers

As a photographer, Gretchen knows how to take beautiful photographs that leave you longing for Maine or an escape into the mountains. What really draws you in though, is her unique ability to capture such a pure and real story with a single image. I'm completely inspired by the raw beauty of her images and the beautiful life she is building in a city so near and dear to my heart, Portland.

3. @HouseTweaking | Dana Miller

House Tweaking is one of the larger accounts I follow but the meaning behind it is what makes me constantly want to keep up. Dana strongly believes that a beautiful home doesn't just happen over night, it takes time and—well, tweaking. It's a concept that brings you right back down to earth and reminds you to constantly keep working at the dreams you are chasing.

4. @SavageDesignCo | Leigh Savage

Leigh is a fellow designer and expat living in London with her husband. Her constant adventures and beautiful design work are nothing short of inspiring. I love the soft earthy tones she uses to capture her every day moments and the excitement she constantly pours into whatever it is she is up to.

5. @stixandstonez | Elizabeth Stone

Following Elizabeth brings me right back to my Boston roots. The girl has excellent taste in sweets and is constantly hopping around New England. As a blogger she is always sharing the best hot spots (my list for when we return is never ending thanks to her!), sweet and simple recipes, and her every day life. 

6. @sydneyliann | Sydney Poulton

Sydney has been a long time favorite of mine. In a social media world of perfect captions or edited lives, she brings a very down-to-earth feel to the table. The best part about following her and keeping up with her on her blog is that the girl's sense of humor is always spot on! She shares her honest life as a mom and wife, some great style inspiration, and all her family adventures.


What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?