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Currently Listening To Playlist | Sea of Atlas

It might be surprising to learn that I actually enjoy working in complete silence—it's true! I'm told I'm weird for this but I recently connected with another creative who really gets in the zone with the quietness of a space and it was oh-so-refreshing to hear I wasn't the only one. You'll learn more about this artist soon in our Makers for Makers series so I wont go any further than that. But a you're not alone moment is always a good one!

When there's room for my mind to breath and navigate through my thoughts—that is when I do my best work. With that said though, I also LOVE a good playlist for times when I'm cleaning the flat, doing other non-creative tasks, and of course traveling. If you ever do find me in my artistic zone with music playing, that means there was something far more distracting going on (construction, noisy get it). I always keep seasonal playlist that go with Mother Nature's spirit and mood for each time of year but I recently started building my own "currently" playlist where I can constantly change out and adjust what I want to list to. There are songs that will stay on there for years and others that might get taken off within a day. Since I share my seasonal playlist with you all, I thought I would let you all enjoy this one as well! Enjoy!


Tell us what you are currently listening to—we'd love some new tunes!