The Handmade List 01

The Handmade List 01 | Sea of Atlas

One of my favorite things to do is taking a look around to see what other artists and makers are creating. It's inspiring to see such a beautiful community all working hard at their passions to not just make a living but pour all their love into something they truly believe in. Some times I have lofty dreams of one day ditching large names to completely give my all to the community I care so much about. While I haven't quite made that leap, I still continuously work to provide constant support to makers as much as possible and whenever I can. Whether that is purchasing a piece of artwork from their shop or helping share their story, its important that the genuine passion these artists and makers put into their work goes noticed and loved. So, with all that said, I've decided to introduce a handmade list to the Sea of Atlas journal where I can gather handmade items I've found around in hopes of introducing you all to some more beautiful pieces to put in your home, wear out adventuring, glam up date night—whatever it may be. Supporting artist and small businesses in our every day life can make our days extra special.

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