6 Pinterest Accounts For Inspiration

Image from Unsplash / Lettering by Sea of Atlas

Image from Unsplash / Lettering by Sea of Atlas

Pinterest is a great life tool—it's as simple as that. You can go on there when you're stuck on what to make for dinner, need some outfit ideas, planning your wedding—the list goes on. I love spending a little time here and there pinning through inspiration and making boards to inspire me in new seasons or in times of change. Because of all of this, I've built a list of some of my favorite Pinners that I love having pop up in my feed.

1. Elise Blaha Cripe

Elise is a San Diego based maker who created the Get To Work Book. Her pins are a collection of art, home inspiration, and down-to-earth style. She has a great eye for spotting pattern and texture—a strong theme throughout that really inspires me.

2. Jessie Farris

As a designer and blogger, its clear Jessie has an eye for beautiful things. The Texas native creates boards for home, lifestyle, recipes, art, and so much more. Her Pinterest is stock full of the best of the best from around the web and its easy to get sucked into.

3. Kate Miss

Kate is a lady of many talents—a designer, jewelry makers, and photographer. She is one of my favorite people to follow to see whats inspiring her and where she is taking her creativity. Her pins are simple yet edgy creating a great group of images to expand your inspiration.

4. Laura | The First Mess

I love following Laura for one main reason—recipes! Her own blog is full of so much goodness and that spills right over to her Pinterest where you can pick them right up for your own boards as well as see what she's currently browsing around to try!

5. Maria Ernest

Maria is an analog photographer located in Denmark. I love the vintage vibe her Pinterest gives off and the inspiration she pulls from adventure (a girl after my own heart). The collection of images pulls from design to travel creating the perfect hub of inspiration.

6. Marte Marie Forsberg

The Norwegian photographer and home cook is one of my favorite people to follow. Her boards are full of earthy treasures and inspiring quotes to balance everything out. Beyond her Pinterest, you can find her living in a 200 year old thatched cottage in the English countryside. Sounds like a true dream to me.

Who are your favorite Pinners to follow? We would love to hear!