Entering Spring & Summer With Yoga

Yoga has been something I constantly pick up and then let go. I started my journey with practicing about five years ago and early on sustained a back injury that got me soon out of the game for awhile. But these past few years I have been healthy and able so why do I keep letting it drop off my schedule? Like most who are their own bosses, I have a tendency to put work before me time when really there needs to be a balance.

Here's another reason—when I start something, I feel like I have to give it my all. That means no skipping days or only going halfway on something. The second I fall off, I feel like I need to start back at the beginning. I'm working on this and realizing for maintaining a good flow with working out means its okay to take breaks and pick up where you left off. I don't need to do everything exactly the way a guide says.

And one more reason—excuses, of course.

A few months back, I stumbled upon Yoga with Adriene, made some excuses not to start, and now here I am. But today, I'm excited to say I've started her 30 Day Challenge. This morning I woke up, had a slower morning to get back into the swing of things after a week off in the Netherlands running through tulip fields. Then, I practiced. And boy-oh-boy did it feel oh-so-good.

I am so excited to have discovered Adriene's videos (I'm probably the last one on Earth to do so). She chats on my level and lets it be so light. She encourages you to find your own ways that work with your unique body. It also doesn't hurt that she has great humor throughout and can laugh at herself. It takes the seriousness out of it which—in all honestly—was something that really intimidated me about yoga.

I'm excited to continue following this challenge, dig further into her videos and keep moving, practicing, and adjusting my view on working out!