The Search For Quality Leggings: Girlfriend Collective

One of my all time favorite pieces of clothing (if not my absolute favorite) is a good pair of leggings. I'm one of those people who believes leggings are pants—don't hate. They're comfortable, cozy, and easy to style—how could you not love them? While I have a couple pairs of "actual pants" that are great, nothing feels as good as leggings. It's a least in my brain. The only downside of the leggings world is there are so many terrible quality pairs out there. The worst ones are the see-through and when you bend over everyone can see...everything.

I'm constantly on the look out for the best of the best. I fell in love with some Simply Vera from Khols and they became my go-to for awhile but after we moved overseas, it wasn't so easy to get them any longer. I went on a crazy hunt when I was home in December to get more but was out of luck with picked over racks. The time came to finally move on. When we got back to London, I bought some New Look leggings from ASOS but they were the worst. I put up with them for a little but they bit the dust the other week after only a few months. They were also super see-through and I was stuck double layering my leggings....

Then (creepy) Facebook realized I was searching left and right all the time for leggings and a lovely ad popped up in my feed. I typically ignore such ads but it caught my eye...probably because it was screaming hey, free leggings, just pay for shipping—and then my soul screamed back, okay! So I did just that in hopes that these leggings would be my miracle leggings. While I wont receive my pair until July, I have a good feeling and wanted to start some chatter about them here with you all.

Not only do they look cool and promise to be of high quality but there's some amazing parts of the company that make them really stand out from the crowd. When you dig further into what Girlfriend Collective is all about, you'll find so much goodness. What really stood out to me is how they're holding themselves socially and environmentally accountable when creating their new activewear pieces. They are fair-trade, use recycled fabric, and their factories are safe, pay well, and do not use child labor—hoorah! All of this easily shoots them up very high on my list and gets me so excited to try their leggings out. I have a feeling you'll be hearing from me in July as I rock my new leggings around town.

You can read more about them here on their website or via Facebook like I did
...and be sure to grab your own free pair while you can!