The Handmade List 04

The Handmade List 04 | Sea of Atlas

We're keeping the summer vibes flowing through with this month's Handmade List. I've been drawn to indigo again a lot lately as well as the natural texture of ceramics. I can't help but love the depth that handmade items create. It's hard not to buy it all up for my flat. I have to keep reminding myself in time. Handmade items just have this beautiful magical quality about them that just captivate your eyes and heart. Its so inspiring to look around to see what others are creating with their hands. Theres so much passion flowing here!

Ceramic Candle Holders

Wood Desk Speaker
Salvage Audio

Large A1 Whales Canvas Poster

Indigo Tie Dye Tapestry
Norwegian Wood

Sundara Highwaisted Legging
Simka Sol

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