The Handmade List 05

The Handmade List 05 | Sea of Atlas

For me, shopping handmade has always been about finding the perfect earthy colors and textures. I love finding pieces that have been inspired by different locations around the world or the landscapes of our very own backyards. We always try to pick up things by local artists on our travels but having online shops like Etsy, make it easy for anyone to snag up some handmade pieces. Pieces that are truly inspired and made through passion. While everyone has their own styles and opinion to what makes a home really feel like their own peaceful paradise, having handmade items in mine is what does it for me. And I love to have those pieces trickle through my wardrobe and accessories so that I'm constantly surrounded by beautiful pieces made with such love.

Copenhagen Print
Helena Carrington

Kale Screen Printed T Shirt
& Morgan

Hand Bound Botanical Mini Notebook

Hammered Earband
Wild Fawn Jewellery

Marbled Ceramic Bowl
One & Many

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