Autumn 2016 Reading List

Autumn 2016 Reading List | Sea of Atlas

Back in our school days, we had our reading lists to get through for the summer with the looming book reports to write. Now it seems that we generate our own personal reading lists around summer when we see ourselves going to the beach and needing a good read by the waves. I guess you could say it has been engrained in us. But here's the deal—I love thinking about the weather getting cold, having the candles lit, a good cozy blanket nearby, and my next read in hand.

Usually, I don't nearly make enough time to read. There are definitely periods in my life where I'm flying through books. That wasn't the case this summer though. I had grand summer reading plans. Books to read on the plane during our crazy travel season. I thought I'd be reading book after book by the ocean but I found myself content with silence. Content with just laying out and enjoying the sun hit my skin. When you live in London, the sun out is enough to entertain you for hours. But here I am with some books from the summer laying around unread pushing into my Autumn book list. I'm ready to jump all in this fall and I've put together a list of what's ahead for me below.

The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

About six month ago we were out to dinner with friends and one got to chatting about reading this very book. It instantly sounded like my kind of book—discovery and travel related. She was kind enough to pass it along when she was done and I'm just about nearing the end. Weiner goes on a journey through the happiest and most miserable countries in the world to figure out what makes someone happy. One overarching question throughout is—can we measure happiness? It is interesting to see how people are living all over the world and how some of the poorest nations can be the happiest.

Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Brené Brown has been a favorite of mine for awhile. I loved her Ted Talk, The Power of Vulnerability and have wanted to read her books since. My Mom passed this book onto me just recently so I decided it would be my first one to check out. I've gotten a little ways in and am wishing I read her others first. The book is all about picking yourself up after a fall. How do we cope, manage, and move on with strength? It's an interesting read as a business owner. Running something yourself—doing anything yourself—you are bound to fail. Brown tells you that's okay.

The Girls by Emma Cline

I've seen this book on many many reading lists and it's getting rave reviews. The coming-of-age story follows around Evie Boyd, a 14-year-old Northern California girl during the 1960s. Her loneliness has her fall into the hands of a cult after being drawn into their sense of freedom. The book is set to be eerie and strange but it has me excited for a different kind of read—it definitely stands out sitting amongst most books you'll find on my shelf.

The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss

Ahh, a classic—right!? I find myself constantly wanting to pick up old books and reread them to fully dive into their stories. Some times these books are put in our hands at times where we can't appreciate them fully. This one has been on my list to reread for awhile (and check out that cover!). I can't wait to pick it up and feel like a kid again. In case you don't know the story, let me quickly fill you in—a wild storm at sea forces the Swiss family Robinson to become stranded on a tropical island. As they work through their new life, the story follows them around as they come across dangers as well as new and exciting adventures.

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Americanah has been recommended to me left and right so it's about time it made it onto my list. The story is said to follow Ifemelu and Obinze, two teenagers in love who seek to flee Nigeria during an unsettling time. Ifemelu heads for the United States where she struggles with the racism in America. Obinze hopes to join her but is denied access to the US because of the 9/11 attacks and finds himself in London as an undocumented immigrant. 


Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Putting all politics aside, I know it's hard right now but please, whether you are for or against Hillary—she's a women who is pushing through doors and breaking down walls. Her recent chat with Humans Of New York really grabbed my attention. Some times we forget the real human side of things. What she has done is beyond admirable. You can not deny that she has had to fight her way to where she is and I think it will be interesting to dive even further into her life through the choices she has made along the way.