The Handmade List 06

The Handmade List 06 | Sea of Atlas

As always, I'm finding myself drawn to neutrals and earthy tones but this month's Handmade List shows a clear black and white theme. What can I say...I'm hooked. I love pieces that keep their colors so pure and beautiful so that the pattern or texture can be what draws the eye in. While I was looking around or spotting these pieces over the past few weeks, I couldn't help but start to think how close fall is. This time of year is all about preparing for that crisp air that finds its way into our days slow taking over the warms of the sun on our skin. I think all these items below have that feeling of warming up a space or an outfit. While I'm still holding on for warm summer days, I can't help but be excited for fall. A time to slow down a little and spend time cozied up, reading, enjoying good comfort foods. For now though, I'll keep that all in my head and continue rocking sandals as long as London allows the sun through its clouds.

Handmade Ceramic Bowl
One & Many

The Super Big Explorers Cub Cowl
A Girl Named Leney

Striped Canvas Leather Tote
Umbrella Collective

Pine Mini Hanging Shelf

Black & White Art Print
Helsinki Mon Amour

Grey Ceramic Planter
Free Folding

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