The Handmade List 08

The Handmade List 08 | Sea of Atlas

For the first Handmade List of the year I've decided to focus on organizing and cleansing the home to go along with the new beginning. Whenever I am looking for new items to bring into our space, one of the number one aspects that draws me in is the texture. For me, texture is way more important than the color. It adds a visual depth and uniqueness. Having different surfaces displayed creates a beautiful contrast and play between items that will make your eyes smile. I could go on and on but I'll leave it now as that I just love it. And as usual, in this list you'll find a lot of soft earth neutrals—I can't help myself. Combe texture with a neutral and you have my heart...or in the case money. Hopefully everyone is off to a good start so far with their new year and if not, maybe this can give you a boost!

Banana Fibre & Sisal Woven Storage Basket
The Basket Room

Ceramic Utensil Holder
One & Many

Marble Makeup Bag
Renna Deluxe

Hanging Planter
Mud To Life

Concrete Soap Holder

Knitted Tissue Box Cover
A&B Design Studio

Linen Laundry Bag
Not Perfect Linen

Triangle Shelf
Love Life Wood

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