Welcome To The New Sea of Atlas

Welcome To The New Sea Of Atlas | Sea of Atlas

If you visited Sea of Atlas last week, then you've already had a chance to preview the new site design for the blog. In January I announced (here) the changes ahead for this space as well as the also the new brittfabello.com. Deciding to create under my own name meant that Sea of Atlas needed to evolve once more. Ever since I began to venture down the path of a entrepreneur, I've worked under business names that connected my vibe to the the creative work that I was doing. It felt right at the time to do so and it fit in with what I was building—a company, studio, and blog. Now that I've been at this for a handful of years, it was time to search deep to figure out just what it is I wanted. What did Sea of Atlas mean now? What was it begging to become? What did I want for this space? How did I want my creative work to be represented? When I did that, I revealed to myself that it was time to separate this beloved blog from my creative work. Each needed it's space to grow and be free.

With Sea of Atlas becoming a blog as I removed the studio side and replaced it under Britt Fabello, it was time to change up the design of this website so it better fit its role as a blog. The main goal was to have that shine through but also allow it to still be able to connect you to my creative side. The new design highlights the new post and makes it easy to search through the old. It makes it simple for you to find what you are looking for when you decided to type seaofatlas.com into your browser. Most importantly, it is a new fresh space to breathe in and release the latest travel adventures, creative journeys, and the day-to-day lifestyle around here. I want this space to be down-to-earth—a place of inspiration and love. This is where I want to feel free to express myself and to have others who come here feel welcome to do the same. Sea of Atlas is where our core—our soul—can be set to wander, chat, love, share, empower, and embrace.

When I first started down this wild path of mine, blogging was never in the picture. As I began traveling with my husband and finding myself as a person, it came to life as a space where I could express myself in a new form—writing. It has now developed into something that I truly love to do. I am proud to be here and am constantly humbled by the people who stop by to connect. I hope with this new design, you can feel a sense of warmth and community. I am looking forward to watching it grow under its new definition—a blog. And, as always, thank you for your continued support as these changes roll out. It is truly amazing to see the love pour in through all different forms. If you have any questions about the new website or direction of the blog, do not hesitate to reach out! I am always happy to chat with each and every one of you.