The Handmade List: Throw Pillows

The Handmade List: Throw Pillows | Sea of Atlas

We are now on edition number ten of our Handmade List and I would like to change it up this time around. I have enjoyed putting together these curated collections and helping you bring more handmade items into the home but I want to be more intentional with what I am gathering. This isn't just about showing you goods that look pretty together but to inspire you to buy something one-of-a-kind. Starting with this post, from now on The Handmade List will have a specific item or theme that I can gather items around. This month's I will be focusing on throw pillows. Most of us have these in our homes covering our couches, benches, and beds. If could, I would probably buy hundreds. There is just something about finding a good one that helps tie a space together with new patterns or colors. They are also the simplest things to change out when you are in need of freshening up a look. I'm a firm believer that fabrics play a huge role in making a room feel cozy—or like home. Below is my hand-picked selection of throw pillows and covers that help bring some organic touches into a space.

Authentic African Mud Cloth Pillow
The Ivory Gull

African MudCloth Pillow
One Fine Nest

Aztec Inspired Decorative Pillow
Rocail Studio

Vintage Indigo Batik Hmong Pillow
Imprints & Indigo

Bogolan  "BLACK COTONOU" Cushion
Wander Home Creations

Indigo & Kilim Pattern Lumbar Pillow
I Heart Norwegian Wood

Tahitian Stitch Pillow
Cruel Mountain

Knitted Cushion
Suzie Lee Knitwear

Indigo Watercolor Pillow
Senay Studio

Black & White Authentic Mudcloth
House of Pillows

To browse more of my handmade selections head here or join me on pinterest and etsy.