Directional Shift: Sustainable & Meaningful Living

Directional Shift: Sustainable Living | Sea of Atlas

There is so much happening in the world these days. It's hard to turn on the news and feel encouraged or to understand where we as individuals can make the most impact. Rico and I are continuously trying not to get sucked into the negativity of it all and instead have been doing out best to adjust our lifestyle to align with what we stand behind. We want to be sure we are doing our part in giving back to the world in the ways that we think matter most. We've set goals for ourselves to contribute to causes, get out to volunteer, and to lessen our environmental impact.

While we have been focusing on our personal lives in this way, I've struggled with blogging and social media. From an outside perspective, these worlds can come across as perfect. I started to feel a sense of emptiness as I was reading blogs I used to love or following people who I saw as social media gurus. There's no denying there is an illusion in this line of work—I guess you could say it sort of comes with the territory. People want to see beautiful things and be inspired, right? But as I've reflected and bounced ideas around on how to get rid of this emptiness to it all, I realized two things. One—there are people out there running wonderful blogs and social media accounts that focus less on the pretty and more on the real. And, two—I have control over the content I produce and how I want to go about it, so why can't pretty and meaningful go together?

This is when one question turned into a whole lot of questions piling up in my head. What is a grand adventure without immersing in the culture to learn something new about the world that we live in? What is fashion without knowing its impact on the world and the people who made your clothes? What makes a home without handmade goods and sustainable choices? The without—that's where the emptiness lies and what I want to shift away from. Blogging and social media can be used for such good—for conversation, for answers, for bettering our world, for connection, and love, for spreading a positive message.

The root of this all...well, honestly, it's easy to live selfishly in this world. I know that selfish is an—ouch, that hurts deep word—but it is true. When you are looking for things as simple as new socks, is it not super easy to jump on Amazon and order whatever pair is rated highest? Rather than researching and finding a transparent company that makes a sustainable sock. Maybe socks are a silly example but it is something that all of us buy. Or maybe it sounds too perfect of a world to be able to be a sustainable perfect consumer. But more and more companies are emerging with these practices and we can only hope that one day it is just the norm to purchase goods that don't harm our environment. This selfishness of choosing the easy route has built such guilt up inside of me especially since moving to London. Knowing this isn't a forever home for us, we found ourselves buying a lot of quick fix cheap solutions to hold us over. So here we are, with a need to keep shifting and pushing ourselves to be better people with so much at risk—like, I don't know...our world.

Every single decision we make has an effect on our world. It isn't easy to change habits and it's definitely not possible to do so overnight but we must start or keep moving. Now, that I have this momentum in my personal life, I am ready to bring the positive changes to the blog and have this be a space with even more meaning behind it. I want it to have an impact, to be inspiring, a place for discussion, and positive lifestyle changes. So as I go along, I am opening up and sharing my journey of being a more conscious consumer, digging deeper than surface level in all aspects of life, and keeping a more sustainable lifestyle. These are things that are more important than ever. It's time to put a real focus on our impact.

While I plan to put together a more detailed post about what you all can expect, I will start by giving a very brief overview. I envision a few things here as I move forward. I'm hopeful the blog can be a spot to make sustainable living not just impactful but beautiful. The blog would contain posts such as guides to sustainable options (clothing, home goods, etc), simple ways to shift your own lives with tools and products, composting in a city, ways to immerse in new cultures while traveling, off-setting our carbon footprint (especially in terms of plane travel) and other notes/knowledge on choosing a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.

I know it is going to take time and energy. There will be frustrating points on this journey where it will be easier to revert back to old habits. As I have been learning as I bring more sustainable practices into my own life, it's not always simple to find the sources you need, the how-tos, or the shops to go. My journey is going to be focusing on a path that is about continuously adjusting and trying to do the best that I can. I know I will not be perfect but as time goes on and I absorb more knowledge and resources, I am hopeful that we can find a place that will bring us happiness (and less guilt) in addition to giving back to the world.

If there is something you are curious about, leave it in the comments and I will do my best to make sure to incorporate it as I go along! Hopefully this will give us all a push in the right direction to build a meaningful, sustainable, and still beautiful life.