The Handmade List: Cloth Napkins

The Handmade List: Cloth Napkins | Sea of Atlas

Cloth napkins were what I grew up with and thought was the norm. They're beautiful, a great way to add pattern or color, and the best part—limit waste. I was sure to carry this on when I moved into my own place. Unfortunately when we made the move from Boston to London, our napkins didn't come with us. It was overwhelming to chose what items to take and which ones not to. We gave away most of our items and the rest went into storage. I figured—eh, napkins...we can make due without cloth. But I have a bit of guilt inside of me every time I use paper and with our environmental impact needing to be taken seriously (more than ever), I think it's time to step up and go back to the cloth. I can't complain—I prefer it and it's fun being able to pick out beautiful handmade pieces. So for this edition of The Handmade List, cloth napkins was the obvious theme. Hopefully this list will help you and others do the same—make the switch to cloth!

Linen Modern Hemstitched Napkins
Bella Collective

Black & White Linen Napkins
Loft Studios

Linen Queen Anne's Lace Napkins
Madder Root

Cotton Pine Needle Napkins
Hearth and Harrow

Stone Washed Linen Napkins
Linen Tales

Linen Fern Napkins
Bonnie Kaye Studio

Striped Pure Linen Napkins
Cozy Linen

Blue Linen Napkins

Blue Ticking Stripe Cloth Napkins
Little Blu Nest

Linen Dinner Napkins
Two Sparrows Boutique

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