The Handmade List: Soap Bars

The Handmade List: Soap Bars | Sea of Atlas

As we move our focus more on trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, we are in search of products that support that. One of the changes at the top of my list is switching to an organic soap. Two great things about using a bar of soap—one, there's a wide selection of organic options and two, limited packaging. Unlike liquid body washes, it is not in a plastic bottle. So, for this latest edition of The Handmade List, I've directed my search to find some high-quality options that are also incredibly beautiful (because that is also very important as well). I'll be giving some of these a try in the coming months but by the looks of the Etsy reviews, there's no going wrong! Enjoy—

Frankincense & Myrrh
Lost Elixir

Coconut Soap
Lovely Vegan Soap

Balsam Fir
Formulary 55

The Handmade List: Soap Bars | Soapy Sweet Treats | Sea of Atlas

Cafe Mocha Goat's Milk Soap
Soapy Sweet Treats

Coconut Oil
Tailored Soap

Dead Sea
Right Soap

Green Tea & Juniper w/ Rose
Butter Bar Soapery

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