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Behind the scenes of Sea of Atlas are two passionate travelers (hi—Rico & Britt here!). A little over a year ago we packed our bags, hopped across the Atlantic, and landed ourselves in London to fulfill one of our biggest dreams—living in Europe and letting our travel bugs take control. We love getting out in the world, forcing ourselves outside of our comfort zones to grow, and working to be unique examples of how to live a life that you have always dreamed of. Now, it's time to combine that with you—our loving passionate bold tribe!

Travel Partners 2016 | Sea of Atlas

How it works

This year during our 2016 travel season, we're looking to partner with some incredible brands to help style your products in a wildly bold way and bring your dream clients running to you with their arms wide open. This means your target audience craves exploration and loves to look for the beauty in the world. So—what's better than displaying your products out in the wild? By pairing up with us, we will work together to provide the best background for your goods in locations all over Europe. We'll be hiking up mountains, exploring beaches, trekking through small towns, and getting lost in large cities all while taking in the adventure from every direction as we highlight the lifestyle of a true roamer.


Apply & Match

First, you'll apply by filling out the form below. We will get in touch to chat with you if we feel like your products are a good match for us to go out and about or exploring with us!


Build a Plan

Together we will chose one of our partnership packages (starting at $100.00) that best represents our journey together. Options will include social sharing, blogging, and styled product shots.


Ship out

You'll ship your products to us in London 2-4 weeks in advance to the trip you've chosen to partner with so we can be sure to safely pack it away for the journey we're all about to embark on!


Time to Shine

And we're off! We will be sharing and working along the way as we're out adventuring. Once we return, you'll receive all the photographs for your own use a month after.

Travel Partners | Owl & The Oak | Sea of Atlas
Travel Partners | Sea of Atlas
Travel Partners | Sea of Atlas

Let's Chat

So, let's get chatting and see what we can do for one another! Fill out the form below so we can get to know more about you and jump right into things from the start. This will get us off on the right foot to chose the perfect partnership package for you as we move forward! Tell us where your passions lie, what your crazy goals are, and how we could be a great match to help make them happen!

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